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olympic torch

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

In 2001, Hubby and I got married.  If that wasn’t momentous enough, 29 days after our wedding, I ran with the Olympic torch.

I didn’t cry at the wedding, I saved it for the entire 1/8 of a mile I was running with a butane flame.

The minute I stepped off the shuttle, the cold air hit my warm tears.  Every step brought along the visceral reactions associated with just how powerful the moment was for me.  When I saw my freshly minted family, along with friends gathered along Genesee Street to cheer me on, I started the bawling.  Crying with me, hubby and my new nephew, Lawrence; he thought I’d be running all the way to Salt Lake City.  He feared I was leaving him.

I’m usually not the crier.  Hubby, of passionate Italian-Irishman heritage, cries at cotton and pet commercials.  But that day, I remember the endless tears streaming down my face, these streamers of joy.  I had this realization that only in America could a daughter of immigrants carry a symbol of peace, unity, and sportsmanship through her newly adopted community of Utica, NY.  Only in this great country would this girl, who learned to speak English second to Mandarin-Chinese, be anchoring the evening news in a small town.  Only here in this diverse nation, far from her home in Los Angeles, would she be embraced by her new family, without reservations.

A decade later, hubby has since framed my torch, jogging set, and newspaper clippings.  It is such a source of unbridled exuberance when I see that collection of memories.  And as I prepare to watch the London Olympics, I’m returned to that one moment in time and reminded of the immense honor I had of carrying the Olympic torch.  Only in America!

Olympic Torch Run from Susan Tran on Vimeo.

(Video courtesy of Kelly Fuller/WKTV)

Hair Hair

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Hair you have it.

I don’t have much of an explanation or maybe I have too much explaining to do.

Since people usually watch TV news on a regular basis, hair tends to grows longer or lighter, gradually and it’s not all that dramatic.  But when I look back at the years I’ve been on the news (officially 12 now) I am overwhelmed by the variety and sometimes the sheer volume of my hair.

This is me at WKTV in Utica, NY.  The general manager liked short hair on his anchors, so I had short hair.

I even arrived at WFXT in Boston with a short bob.  Fortunately for me, the managers at FOX didn’t have a hair preference.  Unfortunately for my hair, I had a huge variety of styles and colors while I was there for three years.  I would often change my hair to alter my mood.  You can see where that’s going.

By the time I arrived in Charlotte at WSOC, I was pretty confident I wanted to keep my hair long and full.  It turns out the station had an image consultant and she wanted my hair more naturally dark brown and more polished.  That style lasted the longest for about two years until I got sick of it and my agent said I needed a hipper, fresher look.  And my hair stylist gave me this angular bob.

So here I am, back in Boston at WHDH, and my hair above the shoulders again.  Let’s see how long this will last.