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Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

photo by: eric guzik

When we first moved to Charlotte, we thought it was a place we’d live for three years and be out, like a layover, a situation to be endured.  We had no idea we’d fall in love with Charlotte.

We should have known.  We arrived in mid-September, one of the best times of the year for the Queen City.  Carolina blue sky welcomed us the day we drove in and remained a constant sight for weeks thereafter.  The weather was perfect, it felt like the perfect 75-degree day, everyday and that awesome weather lasted well into December.

photo by: eric guzik

I remember having lunch at the Fox and Hound on Tryon Street, Uptown.  We had picked up several free magazines on the walk over: Uptown Magazine, Creative Loafing, and Skirt.  The waitress immediately engaged us in conversation upon arriving at our table.  I thought she was just a friendly server but the same hospitality was extended at the grocery store and Starbucks next day.  No one behind me in line batted an eye when the barista asked how I was, and actually waited for a response.  I felt like I had been transported into a foreign land.

A co-worker introduced me to NASCAR.  Another taught me Southern terms like, “over yonder,” “might could,” “having your picture made,” “mashing a button,” and “right quick.”  I learned that “bless your heart” was not a compliment.  I embraced the word, “y’all.”  I found the best fried chicken place ever (Price’s Chicken Coop) and drank sweet tea like it was spring water.

Football season arrived and we met friends of friends.  They were serious tailgaters who opened up their home to friends for every home game.  They continued the tradition even when they had their daughter.

There were a core group of 10 of us.  We ate, drank, and played together.  You could often find one of us at Connolly’s on 5th.  One other friend called us a herd.  We thought of ourselves as a commune.  If we were without a car, someone else let us borrow theirs.  If a washer or dryer was out, we’d go to another’s home.  We looked out for each other’s pets, houses, and spouses.  Eventually, our commune grew into a community of friends.  We had holiday dinners, celebrated birthdays, and toast accomplishments.  We took joint vacations.  We collected toys for children during the holidays, tried to help build a home for Habitat for Humanities, spearheaded Mustaches for Kids, to raise money for supplies needed in local classrooms and collected clothes for homeless men.

Hubby and I settled into Charlotte.  It felt like home.

So it goes without saying, it was extremely difficult to leave.  The freelance job I took in Boston became permanent.

I have no doubt we’ll be back in Charlotte, it may be just for a visit, in three years when my current contract is up, or when we retire.  But we’ll be back because we love Charlotte.

In the meantime, I’m bringing y’all to Boston.  (The phrase and not the literal y’all, though if you’re in town… let me know!)

photo shoot

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Last fall I had a photo shoot for Charlotte’s Uptown Magazine.  It was for the “Sexy Uptown” edition.  It was my first photo shoot.  Granted, I’m on TV 5 days a week.  Granted, I’m not shy about having my picture made.  (For y’all not in the South, here, your picture isn’t taken; you have your picture made).  Granted, I’ve had professional photos taken for the various TV stations where I’ve worked.   But a photo shoot was different.  Way different.  And I was supposed to look sexy.  If you know me, you know sexy is a tall order for my 5’1” frame!  I’m more of a goofball who’s super loud, overly friendly, and somewhat opinionated.  I’m just saying, I was out of my element.

I arrived with a few outfits.  Todd, the editor, and Ryan, the photographer were both at Enso, which was playing host to the shoot.  I had,what I considered, a trendy outfit, a jeans-and-a-fun-top outfit, and a little black dress.  They liked the black dress.  Hair done.  Make-up done.  (Ryan has subsequently told me, I was part of a cattle call, not a real photo shoot.  I feel slightly cheated but on second thought, it might have been worse if I was at “real” photo shoot.)

I tried to adjust expectations with Ryan.  I told him, I’m not really a “sexy” kind of person.  I’m more “self-deprecatingly humorous.”  He assured me I would be just fine.  In my head I was thinking, I’m a foot shorter, 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier than the women you’re used to photographing so, um, make me look taller, younger, and thinner.  And he did, the genius that he is!

Just recently, Ryan sent me the 53 shots he took that day, the outtakes! I saw them all for the first time and I have to say, it’s embarrassing.  Really!  I wouldn’t write a blog post if it were not somewhat humiliating.  I have never been a fan of my profile, so I didn’t like those shots.  Some pictures are so clear, you can see every curve of my figure, and not all curves are good.  I have slight wrinkles and way too many awkward poses.

I’m fortunate that they were able to find one suitable for publication.  In the end, that’s all you need, right?  Just one yes!  Just one picture where someone made you look sexy!  Thanks Ryan!