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Friday, September 17th, 2010

What’s in Oslo?

That was the number one question we got when we told friends we were going to Oslo, Norway.  The truth is, we had no idea.  Hubby’s business trip got cancelled, Hurricane Earl disrupted plans, I was looking for a unique place to transfer our trip, and Oslo came up on US Airway‘s website as a featured destination — so we booked it.

Oslo, as it turns out, was awesome.  The Norwegians might have had a plundering, viking past but the modern Scandinavians are incredibly beautiful and hospitable people.  Coincidently, Oslo is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize; it seems they did a 180 degree turn from their time as seafaring conquers.

We were only in Oslo for a long weekend but in that short amount of time we fell in love with the city and its people.  We loved street parking had electric outlets for your cars.  It cracked us up that all taxi cabs were Mercedes Benz.  We felt so simple when we realized that everyone spoke multiple languages.  Everyone seemed proficient in Norsk and English but they also knew German, French or Spanish.  We ate deliciously fresh fish and tried unique fruits like the cloudberry and lingonberry.  The bread came with fresh butter and homemade strawberry jam.  Public transportation was simplistic.  And the Norwegians have a predilection for efficiency; if you pre-purchased your ticket at the kiosk it was 50% cheaper than if you purchased it on the ferry, bus, train, or tram.

We took a ferry tour of the Fjords, saw the famous opera house that rivals Australia’s, visited the Viking Ship Museum, walked thru the Nobel Peace Center, and marveled at the beautiful scenery and architecture.  I also spent a good amount of time shopping for winter boots and coats.

When we returned from our whirlwind trip the why, became why not?  Oslo is this jewel of a city that you might bypass in favor of Stockholm, Sweden.  But reconsider.  We loved Oslo and the thought of being the explorers, the first on the block to say, Oslo was lovely!

“On the Tower” by Norwegian artist: Sondre Lerche