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Swearing off Swearing for Lent

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

This year for Lent, I’m giving up swearing.  If you know me, you know this will be a challenging 40 days.  If you don’t, I submit for you Exhibit #1: Hubby.

Exhibit #2: Twitter

@SusanTran – It came to me – finally! For Lent I’m giving up swearing. If you know me well, you know this will be an interesting 40 days!

@TiffanyMWright @susantran I wish you luck- but unfortunately it’s part of your daily vocabulary. But best of luck!

I’m giving up cursing for two reasons.  First, we have some little people who are on the cusp of learning to talk.  I’m around my friends’ children, Gianna and Ashton, quite often.  I think it would be frowned upon if their first words were “beep” and “bleep beep!”

The second reason, I always give up something for Lent.  Well since 2001, I’ve been forgoing something I enjoy.  It started that spring when I went to visit hubby’s (then-fiance) grandmother.  Mema was 93.   She didn’t care if you were black, white, or purple, so long as you were Catholic.  Born and raised Buddhist, I sensed a problem.  I really wanted Mema to like and accept me.  It was during the Lenten season when I first met her and my opening line was, “Guess what I’m giving up for Lent?  Shopping.”  Problem solved.  I didn’t lie, she didn’t question and I’ve been giving up something for Lent ever since. 

I plan on being successful at this endeavor.  So I’ve thought about some replacement words:  Fudgesicle! Poop! Darn! Gee whiz! Pumpkin! Almadinger! Bunkle! Potstick! Shazam! Costume! Cotton! Sugar muffin! Golly! Fluffer gizzard! Pickle! Stinker! And an oldie but goody – Gosh willikers!!!  I wanted to feel more comfortable about having more options, so I visited my friends at Paper Skyscraper and Uptown Magazine for ideas.

Listen, it’s 40 days and nights.  So if you could do me a solid and leave me a comment or tweet me some more replacement words, I’d love you for it!