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Monday, June 28th, 2010

This is my view as I’m writing this blog post.  I’m in Bermuda and if you haven’t been, you need to go for five reasons alone!

1. The View – this is what you’ll be looking at during your stay.

2. The Ease – it’s a quick flight (2 hours) from Charlotte or Boston.  I venture to say it’s easier to get to Bermuda than the Outer Banks or Provincetown.

3. The People – they are Bermudian and English.  They’re basically the nicest and most polite people you’ll meet.

4. The Money – they use US currency so there is no exchange rate.

5. The Community – hubby and I have visited a few islands and resort communities where the poverty is disheartening.  We would leave feeling like ugly Americans who visit, consume and utilize what locals could not afford.  In Bermuda, they are often more educated and wealthier than us.  The economy isn’t based soley on tourism so locals want you to love their home but it’s more out of pride than necessity.

** I’m headed to the beach now.  I’ll be updating during the trip then give you a full video tour upon my return!