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happy earth day

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, I bring you a story of green.  The environmental and cash kind!

I was pretty amazed by my story Wednesday night.  And it’s the kind of good news I like to spread.  There’s a huge sale going on!!!

Part of the Federal Stimulus Bill was $300 million to get the country using more energy efficient appliances.  The Department of Energy doled out the money.  Massachusetts got $6.2 million while North Carolina got $8.8 million.  Each state got to choose how they wanted to allocate the cash.  Here’s a list of all participating states.

In Massachusetts you can get a $250 rebate on a dishwasher, $200 for a refrigerator, $175 for a clothes washer, and $50 for a freezer.  Starting April 22, at 10am you can go to and reserve your rebate coupon.  You have to have that reservation in order to get the rebate.  The offer is good until May 5th or when the money runs out.  Be sure to ask your retailer about a delivery fee because part of the program requires the store to remove your old appliance and recycle it.

The program also starts on April 22, in North Carolina but it ends on April 25th (unless the money runs out before then).  In the Tar Heel state, you get a flat 15% discount off a new Energy Star washer, dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer.   This is also a replacement program but you can remove and recycle your old appliance.

Both states have approved retailers, so be sure you’re going to the right place.  And I’ve found most stores have additional incentives already in place.  Charlotte-based Lowes Home Improvement is offering 10% off energy-star appliance.  And at the Boston store I visited, some items not only had a store coupon, but a manufacturer’s one as well.  It meant a $399 dishwasher was basically $49.99.

*here’s the story I did on the subject here in Boston Wednesday night.