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Lets Go Celtics

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I grew up in Los Angeles.  After long visits with friends and family, I revert back to the Valley Girl in me and start tacking on “likes,” “you knows,” and “oh my gods,” as if they were commas.  So it goes without saying, my new declaration of wanting the Celtics to beat LA flies in the face of my hometown.  And I’m getting a ton of hate from friends and family back home.  The truth is, I’ve been away from Los Angeles almost as long as I’ve lived there and I’m starting to feel like home is here on the East Coast.

So don’t hate!  Sunday’s admission into the Garden came with a hefty price tag; not just for the tickets but the crap I’m getting with the declaration of my new found allegiance.  With that being said, “Let’s go Celtics!”

Spray Tan

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

UPDATE: BEFORE and AFTER pictures below!!!

I don’t even know if I want to share this… but here it goes.  I got a spray tan! 

Here’s the thing… I love being tan.  I grew up in Los Angeles.  When my friends Carrie and Becky started driving, our first trips were to the beach.  We all used to meet at Huntington Beach, lifeguard station 17.  The things we did to get a tan, now that I think about them, were absurd!   They included: staying at the beach for about 5-6 hours using only baby oil, baby oil with iodine (I don’t know the rational, I was young and stupid), Hawaiian Tropic SPF 0, and nothing at all.  Crazy right? 

In Boston, we had beautiful beaches like Singing, Crane, Nauset, Surfside, and West Dennis.  They were a bit far, a full day trip.  So when I only had a couple hours, I headed to Revere or Wollaston

Then in Charlotte, we first lived at the apartments at Phillips Place.  The pool there was open year round.  When the thermometer went above 70, I’d lounge in shorts and a t-shirt.  At 75, I’d be in a bathing suit.  By this time, at least I was using sunscreen.

Now to the present; we live in a condo complex with no pool.  For the past two years, I’ve crashed my friends’ pools (thank you Tim, Ben, Heather, Brian, Katie and Mike).  But this winter has been brutal.  No January or February ‘sunning’ days.  And I’m starting to freak-out more about looking leathery.  So when a friend recently told me she got a spray tan and the results were inconspicuous, I though, perfect.  I tried it.

Poor Paola, the hot girl at Palm Beach Tan, had to counsel me for a good half-hour before I felt comfortable enough to do it.  Fortunately, my tweet asking for advice resulted with me, at least, arriving fully exfoliated.

It was a weird experience.  You go into the booth wearing only a hairnet and this ‘air brush thing’ sprays you from top to bottom.  It was cold!  It was quick!  But the results, pretty darn good.  Good enough that I’d do it again.  I’ll have to, it only last for about a week.  I look tan and I didn’t have to freak out about wrinkles.

(Before and after spray tan.  The kids… they’re good props.  I’m kidding!)