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moving day

Friday, August 6th, 2010

I hate moving.  You’d think that since we move about every 3 years, I’d be used to it, but I’m not.  I loathe it.  It’s my personal hell.  Actually it may be purgatory, you don’t know when it will be worse or when it will get better.  You’re stuck perpetually in between boxes.  Every time I move, I tell myself, no, never again. But that is silly since hubby and I are often moving to advance my career and upward means onward!

beautiful charlotte

roommates matt and bob

our new street

This time we moved back to Boston.  But it was just 3.5 years ago we moved from Boston to Charlotte. And just 3 months ago, I had moved in with friends, as this job at WHDH was only temporary at the time.  So I had some stuff in Arlington, hubby and my stuff in Charlotte, and we needed all of it to make its way to our new apartment in Boston.

moving day in clt

We had some great movers, Gentle Giants!  But no move is without its kinks.  This time, it was timing!  With me working (in Boston) and hubby traveling, the giants picked up our stuff in Charlotte on July 23rd.  But we couldn’t get into our apartment until August 1st.  We needed to paint so they delivered our belongings on the 4th.  We also moved from central air, everywhere, to a quaint brownstone without an air conditioner.  Of course moving day was one of the hottest, most humid days of the year, so there was a desperate, last minute search for an air conditioner.

In the middle of unpacking I caught myself saying never again!  Hubby looked at me.  I’m not sure if his stare was in disbelief, exasperation, or surrender.

Valentine’s Day 2010

Monday, February 15th, 2010

I like Valentine’s Day.  I always have.  It’s mainly because I really like a day dedicated to romance and I love being the recipient of flowers.  Not roses!  I love gerbera daisies and tulips.

In high school, all the clubs would sell $1 carnations with notes attached and they’d deliver them in 1st period.  I loved hearing my named called.  Most were from my girlfriends.  We liked to send flowers to each other.  But sometimes it was from a boy I was dating and sometimes it was from an anonymous boy, which was all the more fun as it provided my girlfriends and me endless chatter during lunch.

In college, I loved seeing bouquets of flowers at the guard shack awaiting delivery.  Because I’ve always been a pretty outspoken, blunt person I made it clear to boys I was dating that I liked flowers on Valentine’s Day.  So I often had flowers awaiting me.

The best thing nowadays is to have flowers delivered to the office.  My husband thinks it’s silly (though he sends me gorgeous arrangements every year) and some women think it’s frivolous.  But I love the smell of fresh cut flowers sitting on my drab desk.  It takes the stale air of a newsroom and transforms it into fragrant, decedent office.

But this year, Valentine’s Day was a Sunday and hubby had a BIG plan!  A bit of pretext first.  One, we have a core group of 5 couple friends.  We all love Panther game tailgates, charitable endeavors, eating, and drinking.  Two, my hubby loves to cook.  Three, we do not like going out to eat on Valentine’s Day.  So for the third year in a row we had a dinner for ten at our house.  And right after we finished our delicious meal of grilled flank steak with a red wine reduction, cauliflower steaks drizzled with caper vinaigrette, and Israeli couscous – a barbershop quartet walked into our home, with roses in hand, and started to sing.  It sent five grown women into a tizzy of squeals.

It’s fair to say, I love fresh cut flowers, but live music trumps fresh flowers.  Happy Valentine’s Day!