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Friday, May 20th, 2011

If you watch Channel 7, and hopefully you’re a loyal viewer, you’ve likely noticed there are two Asian female reporters.
I’ve been at 7News for a year now and I work alongside Janet Wu. She’s been with the station for a number of years and is extremely popular. So it’s a huge honor to be mistaken for her. I didn’t see the resemblance, since I thought Janet and I look completely different.  And we worked different shifts.

But then, one day I walked into work and saw it. We both had on red rain coats that day. We both had shoulder length, straight, dark brown hair. We’re relatively the same height and dress size. I could see how from afar, from behind, and to viewers, I could see how I’d be mistaken for her.
It wasn’t a huge deal, but I wanted to be me, so I decided I’d grow out my hair. My hair stylist at Dellaria, Alison, suggested curls. Waves, I could do waves.  So I’ve been doing that for a few weeks.

But my fashion-forward friend Bob, suggested extensions. Hmmm.  Really?  I chatted with Alison and she immediately said the man to do it is Tony at Dellaria. Which brings me to today.

9:30 Arrive at Dellaria Salon in Kenmore Square.

9:32 Tony shows me the packages of hair (12 of them), tells me to sit and relax because it’s going to be a few hours.  (I should mention I had a consultation with Tony before today to talk about what color extensions, how many I might need, and care of said extensions.)

9:35 Tony does a quick blow dry of my (freshly washed at home) hair.

9:40 The extension application and my blogging begins.

9:50 The first half dozen, done.  Tony is a master … and works with alacrity.

10:00 A slight trim of the first row.

10:10 The first package of a dozen extensions are in.

10:12 Tony apologizes for the pulling.  It doesn’t hurt, just feels like someone is constantly tugging at my hair.

10:13 Tony says I’ll likely need a Tylenol or something for later today.  Hmm.

10:20 Another trim and some flat ironing of new hair.

10:25 Trying to get blog going and am not noticing the tugging, clamping, and handling of my hair.

10:37 Tony says package 5 is done.   What?  Almost half way done?  This guy is quick!!!

10:45 I can feel my head getting a bit heavier.  I think I’m imagining things!

10:48 I’m posting a link to this blog onto Facebook so all my friends can judge how crazy, vain, nuts, or silly I am.

10:55 I’ve been eavesdropping on the conversations around me.  They include the things we wore in the ’80s.  Why did we don bright blue eye liner and cut off jean shorts with Reebok with Velcro straps?

11:00 We are officially half way done.

11:07 I now realize there is nothing really pretty about the process of getting your hair done.

11:08 Tony has me feel the thickness of my new hair and it has awaken my biggest apprehension about this venture — it’ll take me that much longer to get ready.  (Insert high maintenance joke here!!)

11:12 The woman next to me, who is getting highlights, is knitting.

11:13 I’m thinking about all the time we spend at the hair salon.  I’m a bit concerned!

11:14 A cut and color usually take about 2 hours.  I think most of us get our hair done every 8 weeks? That’s about 6 times a year.  So I spend roughly 12 hours a year at the salon.  That mathematical process took me about 2 minutes.  I think I need to work on my math skills.

11:20 Making little video of process.  Let’s see if I can get it uploaded.

11:22 Here’s the full length.  Very Pocahontas-esk!

11:26 We are now done with package number 9.  Trucking along. My neck is feeling a bit stiff.  I think this what you call Uptown Problems!

11:33 Emailed my video over iPhone but it’s not sending.  I’m wishing I brought my cord.

11:36 Just sent a tweet about what I’m doing.  I’m sure there will be plenty of wisecracks… and they’ll be well deserved.  I feel very vain.

11:44 Tweet from folks at South End Athletic Company… with a supportive commented on my tweet about extensions.  But I somehow feel less athletic now that I’ve exposed myself as “high maintenance.”  At least I’ll have a long ponytail the next time I run into the store.

11:50 Hubby just texted.  Wanted to know how new wife is looking.  We celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary at the end of the year.  I guess he deserves a new wife.

11:51 Oh, conversation next to me  has moved onto Arnold Schwarzenegger.  They’re all so sad for Maria Shriver and the children.

11:59 Got the video off my phone… uploaded onto iMovie… added music so you can not really hear my geeky chatter about being a big tech geek… and hopefully this works.


12:02 Tony wants to know if I feel tired. He’s the one doing all the work… but yes, yes, my neck does kinda feel stiff!!!!

12:05 Just felt my scalp, and I can feel where Tony placed the extensions.  Feels kinda weird.  This will take some getting used to!

12:09 Final package… 12 more… almost done! Woohoo!

12:11 Ok need to watch 7News at Noon online. Standby!

12:19 All extensions are in.  Tony now going in for the cut! Pix to come!

12:45 Need to feed meter as this is taking a bit longer than the 3 hours.

1:00 Final cut and flat iron.

1:15 Done. Here you go!!!

tv ready

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

fresh out of the shower

When I’m in the field or at a high school career day, the second question I often get after, “Can I be on TV” is “Does someone do your hair and makeup?”  Sadly the answer to both questions is no.  Well often “no” to the first one and a definitely “no” to the second one.

me with makeup and hair done

Network level anchors, think Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and Barbara Walters – they have makeup and hair people.  For most of the rest of us local news folks, we’re on our own.

Somewhere along the line someone, likely at a makeup counter, showed us (TV news people) how to apply TV makeup, which before HD, just meant a lot of it.  First there was the pan-cake stuff.  Max Factor made them.  They came in a stick that you would swipe across your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and then blend.  Then many of us moved onto MAC.  I remember sitting at Nordstrom’s MAC counter at the Santa Anita Mall in California trying to remember what the woman was doing to my face and praying I could duplicate it.  There were eyebrow pencils, a heavy-duty cream foundation followed by a powder foundation, three shades of shadow, a lip liner, a lipstick, mascara, blush, and eyeliner.  I actually worked at a station where a consultant told all the anchors to wear fake eyelashes.  They were fun, though a bit much, but I had to stop when I developed an allergic reaction to the adhesive.  To be honest I’m still envious of those who still wear them and wear them well.

When High Definition came into play we had to refigure makeup.  It changed from heavy foundation to cover everything to specially made makeup for HD, which covered little. The foundation was more transparent.  HD shows overly made up faces so colors for your cheeks and lips need to be more natural shades (so I’m told).

So this is what it takes to get me from the shower to in front of a camera.

Here are the products I currently use: a Smashbox primer, Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation, Make Up Forever’s HD powder.  Then I fill in my brows with Shu Uemura eyebrown pencil in Seal Brow, highlight my brow bone with a Bobbi Brown shadow in White.  Next I brush a few strokes of Bobbi Brown’s shadow in Champagne on my lids, followed by brushing MAC shadow in Mystery into the creases.  I follow with a line to the top of my lashes with a MAC liquid liner in black then finish with several coats of Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes mascara.  I use Bobbi Brown’s blush in Apricot.  I usually use a bit of a bronzer as I tend to look washed out.  I’ve tried several, but I’m currently using Tarte in Park Ave Princess.  If it’s a reporting day for me I use MAC’s Pro Longwear lipcolour in Passion Preserved (it stays on for about 8 hours).  If I’m on set I use Bobbi Brown’s lip gloss in Tawny Rose.  It’s now discontinued so if you see any out there, let me know so I can stock up!

Now to the hair.  As you’ve seen in a previous post, there’s some craziness when in comes to my hair.  I’ve loved many of the styles.  I didn’t particularly like the early years, but I think that’s when I thought news people had short coiffed hair and the general manager at my station at the time also preferred us to have short hair.  It’s tough to battle those two forces.  My two favorites — the wavy do with near-blonde highlights from the Fox days (thank you Genevieve at Salon Marc Harris on Newbury Street) and my current cut which is a more modern angular bob with subtle highlights (thank you Donald at Carmen, Carmen in Cotswald).  While with Genevieve, I used tons of Bumble and Bumble products, which I loved, I can’t remember all of the products I used.  And with Donald, up until recently, he used Aveda products in my hair.  I love the Phomollient and the Air Control.  He also implored me to use a straightener for the ends of my hair.

For all those wondering why there’s so much big hair on TV, it’s because we’re 2-dimensional on your screen, so fuller hair gives us more depth.

Hair Hair

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Hair you have it.

I don’t have much of an explanation or maybe I have too much explaining to do.

Since people usually watch TV news on a regular basis, hair tends to grows longer or lighter, gradually and it’s not all that dramatic.  But when I look back at the years I’ve been on the news (officially 12 now) I am overwhelmed by the variety and sometimes the sheer volume of my hair.

This is me at WKTV in Utica, NY.  The general manager liked short hair on his anchors, so I had short hair.

I even arrived at WFXT in Boston with a short bob.  Fortunately for me, the managers at FOX didn’t have a hair preference.  Unfortunately for my hair, I had a huge variety of styles and colors while I was there for three years.  I would often change my hair to alter my mood.  You can see where that’s going.

By the time I arrived in Charlotte at WSOC, I was pretty confident I wanted to keep my hair long and full.  It turns out the station had an image consultant and she wanted my hair more naturally dark brown and more polished.  That style lasted the longest for about two years until I got sick of it and my agent said I needed a hipper, fresher look.  And my hair stylist gave me this angular bob.

So here I am, back in Boston at WHDH, and my hair above the shoulders again.  Let’s see how long this will last.