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Follow Friday Friend WXBrad

Friday, March 19th, 2010

When we first moved to Charlotte in September of 2006, the first thing I noticed was the weather.  Each day felt more spectacular than the last.  Fall was gorgeous, winter was mild, and spring was perfect.  Then summer hit and it was humidity like I’ve never seen and ridiculously fierce thunderstorms.  The craziest thing was how quickly it all hit and changed.  I instantly knew, this would be a meteorologist’s dream!

Maybe that’s why I find Twitterer and WCNC Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich so interesting.  I follow him (@WXBrad) on Twitter and I’ve seen his tweets at all hours of the night.  Sometimes when I catch him on the news, I’ll see a tweet during a commercial break.  Many of my friends send him tweets requesting very specific forecasts and he often responds with alacrity!  (Please note: I worked at WSOC and I have mad love for Steve Udelson, John Ahrens, and Keith Monday.  They jointly utilize @WSOCWeather.)

When I sat down with @WXBrad, it became clear this new father, Cleveland native, and rabid Buckeyes fan, had found the perfect medium in Twitter to share his passion: the weather.  In 140 characters he can easily give you a forecast.  And he loves the social aspect, the give and take.  He can pinpoint weather for your picnic, golf game, or afternoon run.  And when there is severe weather, he receives Twitter updates from weather watchers and pictures.   He sees it as a win-win!

Follow Friday Friend Wade to Black

Friday, March 12th, 2010

I was out to dinner with my friend, @KatieBisbee, one night and we both started laughing simultaneously while checking our BlackBerrys.  And it turned out, we both were reading a tweet from @WadeToBlack.

My wife hates when I watch woman’s curling because she doesn’t like me to get any ideas about her learning how to use a broom.

Some of the funniest things I get on my Twitter stream are from @WadeToBlack.   

Sometimes I fantasize about never having to work but then I remember I don’t like talking to people so I would totally suck at panhandling.

Not everybody wants to rule the world, Tears for Fears. Me? I’d be happy just ruling this couch for the rest of the night.

At the bank, I noticed my wife’s signature is slowly morphing into mine. It’s clearly part of her diabolical plan to bilk me of my hundreds.

If you’re trying to import your own candy into a movie, there are wiser choices than boxes of Nerds. Might as well had maracas in my shorts.

My birthday this year falls on Thanksgiving. I really hate sharing it with a major holiday. Now I know how Jesus feels.

Our pediatrician told us our daughter is trending to be 5’10”. A blond-hair, blue-eyed, 5’10” teenage girl. I’m going to need a bigger cage.

I…like…big…WORDS and I cannot obfuscate the veracity of my proclamation.

Naturally I had to find out what the deal is.  Where does he get this stuff?  Is he making it all up?  What’s with the big words? What’s his secret? 

I found out @WadetoBlack is part of a Twitter community known as, where twitters compete for humorously notable tweets.  And fans of @WadetoBlack extend well beyond here in Charlotte.


Follow Friday Friend Crystal Dempsey

Friday, March 5th, 2010

If the Charlotte Twitter-verse had a queen, there’s no doubt it would be @CrystalDempsey.  She’s everywhere.  She has 2,351 followers and has sent 13,552 tweets (the number has likely changed by the time you read this, so you should probably just tack on another hundred new tweets).  She’s talked about Twitter on WFAE-FM.

She graced the cover of Charlotte Magazine as part of an article about the “New Social Elite.”

And Skirt! Magazine got this shot when they featured her in a recent article.    

She was an early adopter, starting to tweet in December of 2007.  And when she volunteered to be laid off from the Charlotte Observer in 2009, she knew good things were going to happen, she just didn’t know they’d revolve so much around 140 characters.

She became the face behind Amelie’s Bakery, taking it from a small café in NoDa to a 24-hour hot spot where she says, “Creativity happens.” 

She launched her own communications company, From the Hip; a one-woman show that focuses on new media marketing strategies.  She’s done so well and is so busy with her new company, she’s now only a consultant at Amelie’s Bakery (but no one knows because we all associate her with the place). 

I can see why @CrystalDempsey is so popular.  She’s outgoing, a hoot to hang out with, she has a bounty of ideas and wisdom, and genuinely loves connecting people.  She often uses Twitter to help non-profit organizations like Charlotte Community School For Girls, Dress for Success, and The Arts & Science Council.

She knows many of her journalist friends are at a crossroads or approaching one and she has advice for us.  It boils down to this: change is good.

Follow Friday Friend Pretty Annoyed

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Who knew?  Who knew when fellow Twitter user @CrystalDempsey suggested I do my Follow Friday Friend interview with @PrettyAnnoyed that it would create such a buzz.

This is what my Twitter feed looked like Thursday afternoon. 

Just chatted w/ @prettyannoyed for my blog post tomorrow. U don’t wanna miss it. She’s a riot! 

@briandfrancis @susantran You had an actual convo with @prettyannoyed ? Wow, you know how to tease a blog post!

@susanjspaulding @susantran Glad ur well!! 🙂 I see that you interviewed @prettyannoyed < WOW!!!

@KenBuck @briandfrancis @susantran @prettyannoyed Imagine talking to a bot!

@KenBuck – a bot?

@KenBuck @susantran it’s a running joke I have with her about not being real.

@staceysimms @susantran I hope @prettyannoyed never tells! (At least not until the book deal and movie rights)

I had no idea there was such a mystery behind this Charlotte Twitterer.  But I love it!  (Mainly, because I know who she is and she was a riot to chat with!)  What I can tell you is @PrettyAnnoyed works for corporate America, doing something in communications.  She’s a single female who lives in Charlotte and just needed a place to vent. 

Here are some of @PrettyAnnoyed’s latest rants, um, I mean tweets.

@prettyannoyed :

 How about all of you do me a solid: change your passwords now so I’ll stop getting “I’m sexually excited” DMs due to phishing attacks? Thx

Hey, guess how I feel about sitting in a conference room all day SATURDAY w/ a bunch of tools blowing hot air? Yep, that’s right. Annoyed.  

Saw a license plate on a car that reads “Chew More.” Gee, thanks for that suggestion. Like most old crows, I usually swallow my prey whole.

Tip for my fellow agnostics: today is Ash Wednesday. So quit going around the office telling people “You have something on your face.”

To further confirm my weirdness: I’m flipping channels and really, the old bald guy on Lost is kind of hot. I may need professional help.

Gave up being annoyed for Lent. Ha, just kidding. I mean, I’m not even Catholic and hell, it’s physiologically impossible. 


Follow Friday Friend

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Follow Friday is a modern social media vernacular for suggesting a person for other Twitter users to follow.  You follow?  One of my favorite Twitterers is Bill Voth.  We worked together at WSOC-TV where he’s the weekend sports anchor.  Bill’s originally from Cleveland, went to school at Syracuse University and loves to play football and basketball.  (I know, it sounds like a he’s a dating show contestant but ladies, he’s taken!)  The coolest part about Bill right now, he just got back from a sportsman’s dream, the Olympics in Vancouver. 

Bill spent 6 days in Western Canada where he did some “new media” reporting. Let me give you some background so you can appreciate how cool Bill is then I’ll let Bill share how he accomplished this feat in Vancouver. 

For the most part, a TV news crew consists of a reporter and a photographer.  Smaller stations have reporters shooting their own video while network folks (think Jake Tapper or Andrea Mitchell) usually come with a photographer, live truck operator, audio person and producer.  (If the big guns roll out, think Brian Williams or Katie Couric, they have the aforementioned crew along with staging, tons of gear and advance people.)  Anyway back to Bill. (And you have to watch until the end for his run in with Tom Brokaw!)

Here’s a look at one of six reports Bill filed from Vancouver — all by using his iPhone.

What Bill did in Vancouver is a testament to how news is changing.  We, consumers of news, want to hear the information now (with platforms like Twitter), have confirmation from a trusted source (with local, evening, or cable news), and then we want to get more information on the topics that interested us the most (with the internet). 

And Bill is kind of doing it all.  So on this Follow Friday, lookout for Bill.  He’ll have interesting sports tidbits on Twitter followed by more details on his evening sportscast.    As for me, hopefully my blog can be a fun part of this new media diagram.  A place to get that slice of life that might make you laugh, smile, or think – Hmm, I didn’t know that.