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sunshine day

This is what happens when a bunch of current and former TV news people go on vacation… we make fools of ourselves creating a music video.
Okay, that’s not actually a factual statement. The truth, I’ve always wanted to do something like this (I am also desperate to participate in a flash mob!) and well, I coerced everyone into taking part! I used guilt for some, temptations of fame for others, but really, I just begged!
Here’s to sunshine days…

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8 Responses to “sunshine day”

  1. sully says:

    Aren’t y’all too young to know Brady Bunch references?

  2. The Guthenbergs says:

    LOOOOVE IT!! Reagan says “it’s so beautiful”.

  3. JWS3 says:

    very funny, like a 50’s “Very Brady Beach Bingo” movie, the kind of thing we would do, if we didn’t have children : )

  4. Dana says:

    Good job, Good fun 🙂


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