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Summer Vacation

The worst part about summer is it’s over, the best part, everything.  After last year’s Sunshine Day music video, this year I envisioned an old home movie.

For 2012, we added a GoPro camera.  Surfers, adventurers and random people like me use the GoPro to get point-of-view video while action is happening.

We snapped her into a bike helmet, onto friends’ heads while playing ball, and for THE shot I waited all week for; we had her on a boogie board.

1st shot from GoPro is always me pressing record

After getting video of me riding in a wave, I wanted to switch her around to reverse the shot.  Standing in calf deep water with my friend Paco, I released her out of her clip and she juggled around in my hands until she plopped into the ocean.  It was the same time a wave came in and swept her out to sea.  We searched.  Those nearby, who saw what happened, searched.  We walked the beach at low tide but she was gone.  So this year’s summer vacation video is for GoPro, she was taken too soon, but went out doing what she loved!


Here’s what I did on my summer vacation:

PTown from Susan Tran on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to “Summer Vacation”

  1. Joe Romanelli says:

    I miss GoPro.

  2. Site says:

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  3. Thank you for the ongoing commentary on this ‘debate’. IMHO there should be no law to make helmets compulsory, it should remain the right of the rider to choose, but the risks should be communicated. This is similar to the arguments that exist in the skateboarding and other extreme sports worlds where claims of ‘I know how to fall’ are used as an argument not to wear a helmet, yet there are numerous injuries in this ‘experienced’ group because they clearly don’t know how to fall…..

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