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nascar 2010

Like the NASCAR tailgate itself, I think I might have over done it with this blog post.  I’m constantly trying something new but this time it is possible I might have gone into over-kill mode.  Though I suspect, if there’s ever a time to do anything in excess, it’s when the situation involves NASCAR.

On Memorial Day weekend – I spent Sunday at Charlotte Motor Speedway with hubby and 17 friends.  We met at our friends’ Katie and Mike’s house at 10:00am sharp.  We loaded into our 15-passenger van, packed 2 SUVs with supplies, and headed up to Concord.  With my secret route in hand, we arrived at our lot at 10:30am.  Time roared passed us like a stockcar rounding its last turn and before we knew it, a crackling voice came over the loud speakers for the drivers to start their engines.  We didn’t make it into the race until sunset.  The video will illustrate what we did to kill time and contains the much-anticipated definition of the portmanteau: yupnecks.

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9 Responses to “nascar 2010”

  1. Warning. do not watch with a hangover. this was awesome though. yupnecks rule.

  2. Katie says:

    Another way to tell you’re a yupneck: When a member of your party essentially produces a professional video of your tailgate.

  3. jules says:

    this is awesome

  4. Keith says:

    This is a pretty impressive effort.

  5. Mehmet says:

    Go Yupnecks!

  6. Katie Rut. says:

    I have no words Tranny. This is incredible. I educated the newsroom about the definition of a yupneck. Nicely done.

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