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Nantucket is one of those places best experienced through an introduction.  Hubby brought me to this island nearly 10 years ago.  We went to The Pearl where I had one of my favorite meals, ever!  The Wok Fried Lobster is a dish I’d savor as a last meal and dream about as treasured past.


When we met our dear friends Dominick and Cary, it was through the love of Nantucket that we connected.  They’ve made an annual pilgrimage to Nantucket for nearly 20 years and have shown us remote beaches and stunning sunsets.


paddleboaringI’ve since introduced this island oasis to my best friend Carrie, from California.  And for the past three years, we’ve all converged on Nantucket for a long weekend to toast friendships, feast on fine foods and celebrate the joys of island life.


nantucket 2013 from Susan Tran on Vimeo.

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  1. Angela says:

    I adore this and you all.
    so beautiful and amazing!

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