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Lets Go Celtics

I grew up in Los Angeles.  After long visits with friends and family, I revert back to the Valley Girl in me and start tacking on “likes,” “you knows,” and “oh my gods,” as if they were commas.  So it goes without saying, my new declaration of wanting the Celtics to beat LA flies in the face of my hometown.  And I’m getting a ton of hate from friends and family back home.  The truth is, I’ve been away from Los Angeles almost as long as I’ve lived there and I’m starting to feel like home is here on the East Coast.

So don’t hate!  Sunday’s admission into the Garden came with a hefty price tag; not just for the tickets but the crap I’m getting with the declaration of my new found allegiance.  With that being said, “Let’s go Celtics!”

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3 Responses to “Lets Go Celtics”

  1. Andre says:

    Love it!! I grew up in Boston and was a Lakers fan because Magic is my favorite player of all time. Since he retired though, I’ve been a bleeding green Celtics fan. You get nothing but love from me . . .

    Calling TDBank Arena ‘the Garden’ though is a bit bandwagoning fan mistake.

  2. Lakers deserved to win this year, hands down. and not cause I’m a big fan of Bryant 🙂 They were the best.

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