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I love a good party!  Who doesn’t?  But when I got an invite to go to a kid’s birthday party, fear came over me.  As a childless adult, I’m a novice to the scene.

For more than a decade now, the word ‘party’ has meant some sweet food, cold beer, fine wine, hot tunes and an interesting mix of guests.  But a kid party instantly conjured up images of sticky hands, frenetic energy, and high-pitched squeals.

Just Out of College

What to do, what to do?!  My college girlfriend, Christina, invited me.  My other college friends would be there with their children.  I haven’t seen them in years.  I wanted to hang out, see their adorable offspring.  I wanted to be a trooper.  But the idea of being surrounded by 2 dozen children in varying ages between infant to 13, needed careful consideration.

I bought a gift, card, and gift bag.  I looked up directions on Google Maps.  And at the last minute, I hesitated.  Twitter to the rescue.

@susantran Getting ready to go to a ‘kid party.’ I’m a kid party novice. Is it ok to show up late and leave early?!

ReidBennett @susantran as long as you bring your own boxed wine you’ll be just fine.

(I didn’t!)

staceysimms @susantran hah! I think Miss Manners would frown on that.

(Really?! You can’t be fashionably late?)

mjsolender @susantran as long as you bring a cake and ooh and ahh

(Present – Check!  Cake – Love it!  Enthusiasm – Got it!)

It was very overwhelming to walk into a room full of screaming children.  I wore a stupefied look for a good 20 minutes.  I had to adjust to the scene the way our eyes have to recalibrate when we enter a room after a bright sunny day.

I was amazed as just how many activities were going on around me.  A jump castle, beanbag toss, cha-cha slide, balance beam, piñata, a rainbow parachute, balls, jump ropes, little stilts, cake, ice cream, balloons, face painting, presents … I got dizzy!  But I had fun though not as much as the kids.  Here’s my attempt at capturing their ENDLESS energy!

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14 Responses to “kid party”

  1. StarryGift | Wedding gifts and collectibles of Chinese and Western styles…

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing….

  2. Sandra says:

    First- You are so talented! Can I hire you for Camden’s 2nd coming up? 🙂

    2nd- College picture has got to go….I look like I have an illness, why am I so white? Yuck!

    3rd- Video of Chris and I is priceless. I now know what people are talking about when they say I have a terrible singing voice. They are so right! Oh, by the way, this all happened without wine. Playdates and parties with wine get even more interesting. You just wait!

    Thanks! Awesome stuff! Love ya, Sandra

    • suetran says:

      the college pix stays because we all look like dorks and it cracks me up!
      i am still working out the kinks of my editing… so we’ll see what i can do with camden’s party. (am i invited?)
      and you and chris singing is freaking awesome!!!

  3. Christina says:

    I loved it!!! I am glad you survived. It was great to have you.

  4. Joe Romanelli says:

    Chris and Sandra singing was my favorite part!

  5. Erin says:

    Should I be offended that I wasn’t in the college pic? I know it’s been a long time, but….

    Looks like a fun party. I wish I lived closer. Thanks for posting the video Suz- very cute.

    • suetran says:

      OMG Erin!!!! I totally would have had the pix of the six of us… but I’m in Boston and I don’t have my box of photos. That’s just one I randomly had on my hard drive. I even went to everyone’s Facebook pages to see if there was an old pix. But no luck!!!!! I wish you live closer too! We miss you!!!!

  6. Stan says:

    Your problems can be easily solved by having a BABY! I’m waiting fora eur-asian niece or nephew!

    • suetran says:

      you’re my favorite brother… but you’re close to loosing that status.
      ok, there’s no way that would happen but seriously, why don’t you have a baby and all will be well!!! 🙂

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