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help me love my mac

Help me love my MacBook!

Many of you know, after years of being a PC user, I made the switch to a MacBook.  Many of you promised it would, of all things, change my life.

So far I can say, I like it.  Apple has made its latest MacBook so PC-user friendly.  The track pad can be set up so it works just like a PC laptop.  There’s Word and Excel.  I like the Final Cut Pro that hubby installed for me.  I like iMovie and I can’t wait to see how Garage Band works.   But I have to admit, I don’t LOVE it.  I don’t love that the email program isn’t Word-oriented so it doesn’t automatically capitalize my first word in a sentence.  I don’t like how iPhoto organizes my photos.  I’m still trying to get used to how and where to save things.  But the most frustrating aspects of my MacBook, my contacts didn’t transfer over well.  I even tried the Thunderbird route but still everything is out of place.  I also can’t find all my calendar events.

So maybe you can help.  Do you know how I can properly transfer my contacts so they show up in the right format?  Do you know how I can get my appointments onto my MacBook’s calendar?

Help me love my MacBook… Please!

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4 Responses to “help me love my mac”

  1. DavisLakeWx says:

    It is called Parallels. It allows you to run a virtual Windows machine on your MacBook. There are just some programs that are not developed for the Mac OS, so this allows you to run them. I use Parallels for my Weather Radar programs.

  2. DavisLakeWx says:

    yep, It actually allows you to run windows XP, VIsta or Windows 7 on you Macbook. Then you can run your favorite Windows apps in the MacBook. There is a coherence view that allows it to look seamless so each Windows App, looks like it is running in your MacBook. I use it to run my Weather Programs, but it would allow you to run MS Outlook.

    Link from tweetphoto is running my weather program which only runs in Windows on my MacBook using parallels.

    • DavisLakeWx says:

      I was using a free program called Virtual Box. But was having problems with the usb ports. I used usb webcam to stream the weather. I tried the demo version of parallels and all my usb issues went away, so bought Parallels, but Virtual Box would sometimes recognize my USB and sometimes not. And when I am out trying to stream severe weather, I can’t take the time to reboot the computer to get it to try and work. I have had no USB issues since I got it. Have had my share of issues this year, but none associated with parallels.

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