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Guys with Guitars

Let me just put this out there: guys with guitars are instantly cooler and hotter (if that’s possible) than your average guy.

While in Utica, NY this weekend visiting hubby’s family, we went and saw a friend of ours play at a local bar, The Devereux.  Now Ryan is a good looking, smart and fun guy, but the minute he started strumming his guitar and singing, it was as if he became a rock star in the eyes of all the girls in the bar (I freely admit I was one of them!).  Now mind you, we’re not talking a guy playing around a campfire, Ryan’s a real musician and he’s good.

It validated my theory, that you can take any average guy, give him a guitar, and he can instantly charm a girl.

Ryan’s girlfriend, Rachel, had a different and perhaps more accurate assessment; give any average guy a skill, that’s difficult and if he’s good at it, that’s what’s ultimately so attractive.

Despite my initial hesitation, because I so love guitar players, I would have to agree with Rachel.  An average guy who happens to also be an artist, carpenter, photographer, computer software designer or writer, instantly gets a few extra points on the super cool scale.  Hubby is the coolest, hottest guy I know, but instead of a guitar, he’s mastered the art of cooking.  And even Tom Brady, isn’t he just an average guy who’s a great quarterback, well maybe not, maybe he’s just hot.

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12 Responses to “Guys with Guitars”

  1. Ryan Miller says:


    Thanks for sharing this video. Loved it! And more importantly, it was awesome that you made it out to the show on Friday. Hope you enjoyed it. But I’m now officially called out – and probably need to start serenading! Thanks again.


  2. Bernie says:

    Isn’t there a pic of me with a guitar in your house? Of course I’m not very good at it 🙂

    • suetran says:

      bernie… there is a pix of u and me… and ur on guitar! i love that pix. sadly – it’s in charlotte. but i still think ur cooler than the average guy. plus… ur an artist! double cool!!!

  3. Josh Clemmons says:

    Damn, Susan…what a killer blog. i love your style of writing, very “Carrie Bradshaw”. Although, i don’t find guys w/ guitars attractive, i do think chicks who write good blogs are hotter/cooler than the average woman!

  4. becky says:

    Too bad the hubs is tone deaf… Oh well. I still think he’s hot. But, I totally agree with the theory. I’m not sold on the “computer software designer” though — maybe it’s b/c I spent too much time in the Bay Area. Spend some time in the Intel, Sun Microsystems or Oracle cafeterias and it might change your mind.

  5. Joe B says:

    Susan, you (barely) salvaged Joe’s ego at the end there. So what is the female equivalent of a hot, cool skill? Performing on camera? 🙂

  6. Katie says:

    Nice work on this post, Tran! 🙂

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