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Funny is as Funny Does!

You should know this about me: I am not funny.  I have a good sense of humor.  I love to laugh.  I’m great as an audience member because I guffaw easily and with great gusto.  But sadly, all that does not make me funny.

I am surrounded by funny people.  Hubby is quick witted and funny.  My four close guy friends: Eric, Mike, Brian, and Chad (I know, they sound like a boy band) are hilarious.  They often all try to top each other in group emails and I’m in awe of their humor.  I want to compete, to be at the same comedic level, so I enrolled myself in an improv class.

So far in class we’ve learned various improv games, character and object work, how to connect with scene partners, and the giving gifts of information.  I honestly thought I’d be really good at improv.  I’m outgoing, not easily embarrassed, self-deprecating, and a goofball.  But here’s another admission: I kinda suck at it.  No, I actually do suck at it.  This is what my improv teacher, Keli Semelsberger at Charlotte Comedy Theater, wrote me when I asked for ‘extra-help,’ “The brain is a muscle and you are using it in a new way, so it will take time to develop that skill.  You’ll get it.”  It drives me nuts because I’m usually a quick study, an overachiever used to getting good grades.  But in this class, I’m squeaking by!  I know the problem, I think too much into it.  I’m not freeing my mind!  I desperately want to be funny, so I analyze, probe, and ponder ways in which I can be.

Class wraps up in a couple of weeks.  If I’m still not funny by then, I’m considering a stand-up class.  I’m going to be funny, damn it!

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13 Responses to “Funny is as Funny Does!”

  1. Joe says:

    Wow, three posts in three days. We’ve created a monster. I like this one, that Katie is funny. Not as funny as you though, well…oh never mind.

  2. Katie says:

    Susan Tran, you’re the best funny GROUPIE out there. Just not funny yourself. 😉 Love you, though!!

  3. Katie Rut says:

    regardless of your potential to BE funny, you always are good for a laugh unintentionally. And I ALWAYS appreciate that my dear. 🙂

  4. jim goff says:

    Please share a little trick or two that you learn, I appreciate your desire to be funny too. I marvel at funny people, like Wade and Laz. And maybe you’re not “off the cuff funny”, but I just “lmao” reading this blog, especially your last line! Thanks and good luck with this “TRANsition.”

  5. Becky says:

    Liking the blog so far Sue-babe — loving the glam pic of you in the upper left. It’s like an ad for a sitcom… which you totally btw belong on.

    • suetran says:

      becky – a black dress + good lighting + awesome photographer = decent picture. i want that lighting to follow me around! thanks for reading my blog. please submit ideas.

  6. Angelica says:

    THIS BLOG ENTRY IS FUNNY! HILARIOUS. I love you. I’ve almost peed my pants with you… granted we some drinks… but it was funny.

  7. Keith Messick says:

    You’re the funniest, non-improvisational least spontaneous, person that I know.

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