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bummed toe

There was recently an intense thunderstorm in Boston that brought down trees and damaged many properties.  It was a Sunday.  I was home when the sky started turning an ominous shade of gray.  I set my flipcam and tripod on the porch so I could capture video of the storm while I sat safely in the house.  I watched as blades of lightning illuminated the sky, followed quickly by crushing sounds of thunder.  After shooting a few minutes of video, I saw the rain was starting to come in horizontally.  I went outside to grab my camera.  At that precise moment, I remembered the lightning story I did just last week when a teen was struck while holding a screen door.  I started to freak out and tried to run inside.  In my haste, I slipped and this is the painful result.  The worst part, the video was so uneventful!

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2 Responses to “bummed toe”

  1. NCWXSpotter says:

    You may want to slow down your video. I thought I just had flashes on one and turns out I actually caught several bolts.

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