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Born and raised just outside Los Angeles, I spoke Mandarin-Chinese with my family and learned to speak English from the Muppets on Sesame Street.  I used to watch the evening news with my dad and marvel at the only Asian face on TV, Connie Chung.  At 12, I decided that’s what I wanted to do.  I figured my nosey and chatty disposition would suit me well.

At 18, I took my second ever plane ride and arrived at Boston University where I studied broadcast journalism and minored in East Asian Studies.  I graduated, and after sending out 75 resume tapes without getting a job offer, I went to a TV job fair, hounded an HR director for 3 days and finally got a job as a production assistant.  I spent a year at Fox 25 in Boston.  The award-winning photographers helped me put together another resume tape.  I sent them off to another 75 stations and again, nothing.  I finally decided I needed to be more proactive about my job search.  Upstate New York had several small stations and it was only 4-6 hours away from Boston.  I called the news directors in Elmira, Utica, and Binghamton, told them I would be visiting and asked if they’d meet me for 5 minutes.  I met with 6 news directors and got 4 offers.  I ended up anchoring the news at WKTV in Utica, met my husband, and the initial 2-year contract extended to a 4.5 year stint.

I eventually returned to Boston as a reporter for Fox 25.  After 3 years there, I decided I wanted to go back to anchoring the news, which landed me a weekend anchor gig at WSOC in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As it turns out, my nosey and chatty disposition did serve me well, but not as well as my passion and persistence.  I’m currently working as a reporter at WHDH in Boston, as well as writing a novel.

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