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Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


This weekend I had the honor and privilege of marrying two dear friends.
More than a year ago, during a night out, they asked me to marry them. I agreed thinking they were under the haze of fun night. I accepted under the same cloud naïveté.

A couple months later, they informed me, they were serious. And that’s the point, in which, I started to panic.
I agonized over the service.

Ben and Tim did not have a wedding party. They choose not to have a reader, harpist, or vocalist. As Tim put it, it was the three of us and I had 10 minutes.

For months, I worked (lost sleep) over my ‘speech,’ along with the vows and ring exchange. When I got down to writing it, I was stumped! It wasn’t until I realized, the things missing were sound bites. It’s how I’m accustomed to writing my scripts for work. It’s where I was most comfortable. So I sent Ben and Tim a series of questions. It was after I read their answers that the the words to their wedding ceremony simply came to me with ease.
Below is the ceremony, I’d written for the marriage of Tim and Ben.