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Sheep Shearing Festival

Friday, April 9th, 2010

My photographer and I were driving through Waltham the other day, on our way to a story, when I saw this sign:

A sheep shearing festival in the middle of a city?  Curious!

It turns out that the event is at Gore Place, an estate in Waltham that’s played host to the event for the past 22 years.  On April 24, you’ll be able to witness sheep shearing demonstrations along with dog herding, wagon rides, crafts and my favorite: fair food.

Doesn’t sound too baaaad… I might have to check it out!

Back Bay Fire

Thursday, April 8th, 2010


Taken By: Caitlyn Kennedy

A 9-alarm fire in the Back Bay is a pretty big deal.  The fire chief said 9-alarms are the highest level for the Boston Fire Department. It was needed for many reasons.  The old structure, built before 1984, meant sprinklers were not a requirement.  The 69-unit, 10-story structure also had narrow hallways that were difficult to navigate.  And the record setting heat Wednesday, was just an added hinderance.

I arrived to a scene of snaked hoses and more than a dozen first responder vehicles.

It’s almost overwhelming when there’s just so much going on.  Fortunately, I knew Ryan Schulteis was already on scene along with 3 other photographers, a producer and 2 other crews on the way.  The game plan was just to gather; gather whatever elements my photographer and I saw and then sort it out.

I immediately saw all these adorable pups with a bit of soot on their coats and started talking to their owners.  They told me when they heard about the fire, they dropped everything at work and rushed home.  They were all desperate to make sure their pets were safe.  I met Calvin here, along with Libby, and Bernie.  I couldn’t imagine these families’ fears and the frantic moments when they weren’t sure about their pets’ safety.

The Assistant Fire Chief said they saved several pets, believing only one cat died in the fire.

This is the story from Wednesday (my story is 3:15 into the segment) and this is the follow-up story from Thursday, after we talked to two of the four victims who were taken to the hospital.

The Drive

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The last time I lived in Boston, I lived in Newton, right off the Massachusetts Turnpike and two turns from Interstate 95.  Getting to and from work, downtown, or anywhere for that matter was a breeze.

When I moved to Charlotte, hubby and I were mesmerized by the “spoke wheel” traffic pattern, the ever-changing street names, and the two dozen streets named “Sharon.”  It took me two years to figure it out and I still get all turned around on Queens Blvd.

Now I’m back in Boston and living in Arlington.  It’s actually a cool place to live and only seven miles to work.  Yet it takes me 45 minutes to get there, there is no direct route, and I’ve been lost more times than I’d like to admit.

Over two days, I got video of the journey.  One day, the video was during my morning commute, the other day was during my afternoon shift.  I apologize in advance for the disparity in continuity!

just desserts

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

In Charlotte, there’s Polka Dot Bake Shop for Red Velvet Cupcakes, Crave for the Coconut Dream, and Amelie’s for the Sea Salt Caramel Brownie.  I’ve long known where to get a great dessert.

So upon my return to Boston, I dreamed of Gregg’s Raspberry Coconut Cake, a cupcake from the South End Buttery, and a Cream Puff from Mike’s Pastry.

I’ve only had the Cream Puff so far, but I’m making it a point to hit the other two places.  I also want to find new dessert havens.  I’ll let you know what I discover, if you’ll let me know what’s a “can’t miss!”

holocaust memorial

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

I love when I become a visitor in my own city.  So often when we live somewhere we don’t take the time to visit the “tourist” sites.  Recently, my roommate’s friend Pearl (who’s a teacher) was in town and we took her on a tour of Boston.  It included the New England Holocaust Memorial.

Now, I’ve been to the memorial several times since it’s dedication in 1995, but the site never fails to touch or entrance me.

Each of the six glass towers stands 54-feet high near Faneuil Hall.  Smoke rises from grates drawing you to the six million numbers that are etched in the glass.  The six towers are said to symbolize the six main death camps, the six million Jews who were murdered or a menorah of memorial candles.

The memorial is a powerful symbol and a must see for visitors.  It’s also great place to revisit when you need a new perspective on life.

Freetown Flooding

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Here’s a behind the scenes look at my day following Congressman Barney Frank.  He toured the flood damage in Freetown, MA, where about 100 homes are severely damaged, several roads are closed and a damn is close to giving out.

Lucky for me, I still had my hip waders from the Merrimack River Flooding of 2006.  It was a hectic but very cool news day!


Thursday, April 1st, 2010

I flew back to Charlotte for two events.  One I affectionately call “Katie is Great,” because my friend Katie was named one of the Charlotte Business Journal’s “40 Under 40.”  The other is a benefit breakfast for KIPP Charlotte, where I’m a board member and volunteer.

Both events required attendance and support.  And fortunately for both Katie and me, we’re surrounded by an amazing group of friends.

There’s a core group of 10 of us, we jokingly call “The Commune.”  Hubby and I inherited this group of friends (it’s a long, convoluted story so just go with me on this one) three and a half years ago.  Since then, we’ve done dinners, NASCAR, holidays, Panther tailgates, Checkers, and Bobcats games.  We’ve organized charitable events, projects, and gatherings.  We’ve borrowed each others’ cars, laundry facilities, clothes, pools, and spouses (for events our spouse couldn’t attend!).  We’ve baby sat, dog sat, cat sat, and house sat.  We’ve celebrated birthdays and promotions and supported job losses and changes.  We‘ve traveled in a pack and have a standing agreement that when family or friends come to town it’s all ‘hands on deck.’  There are several friends who choose not to be part of the “Commune,” but still we count them as part of the group (I think they fear our insane email list!!!)

It’s amazing when we’re all together because we have so much fun, admiration, and love for each other.  If you’re ever fortunate enough to gather such a great group, who share common interests and affection, hold on tight, it’s a gift.